And the winners are...

Iowa State FairThe 2021 Iowa State Fair is in the rear view, and we're excited to share the ribbon-winning recipes from this year's AllSpice competitions! 

We sat down with AllSpicer Rory, who was the primary judge from the shop for this year's sponsored contests and asked him how the fair fared. "It was great to see familiar faces this year since we didn't have a state fair in 2020. We were happy to have around the same number of entrants as prior years, since overall food contest entries were down a bit from past years.

Rory also shared, "While the judges had varying backgrounds, the winners of each category were clear, and their submissions were very creative." Popular ingredients this year included our Roasted Onion and Cilantro Infused Olive Oil (used in many of the chilis) and Orange Blossom Water (present in both cookie and ice cream entries).

And this year's contest winners are:

Chili Competition

Vegetarian Chili Competition

  • First Place: Cremini Mushroom Chili, entered by Rebecca H. from West Des Moines
  • Second Place: BBQ Chili, entered by Sara C. from Des Moines
  • Third Place: Mary's AllSpice Chili (recipe unavailable), entered by Bridget L. from Norwalk

Unique Cookie Competition

Ice Cream Competition

Jerky Competition

Savory Snack Mix Competition

Sweet Snack Mix Competition

You'll find Iowa State Fair award-winning recipes from this year and years past in the AllSpice recipe library.


Photo Credit: Iowa State Fair Parade by Phil Roeder via Flickr licensed under CC-BY-2.0.

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