Spotlight Spice: Bacon Infused Olive Oil

Bacon Infused Olive Oil

Calling all bacon lovers ... this week's Spotlight Spice is for you! It's our Bacon Infused Olive Oil, and it's dee-licious!

We love using this oil first thing in the morning for frying or scrambling our eggs. It's also nice drizzled over roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts or for incorporating into your homemade mashed potatoes. 

Try it over popcorn (we recommend drizzling it around the edge of the bowl, then tossing the popcorn in it to avoid soggy bits) or mixed into homemade mayonnaise. 

Warm the oil and combine it with our Sherry Wine Vinegar for an excellent warm bacon dressing to complete a spinach salad. It's also great combined with our Bourbon Maple, Dark Chocolate, and Peach balsamic vinegars for a vinaigrette.

Stop by the AllSpice tasing bar to give it a try or find it in the Oils Section of

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  • I am excited to try you soices out

    Linda Gaddis

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