January 1: National Bloody Mary Day

Bloody Mary Ingredients

A common "hair of the dog" drink, the Bloody Mary is often referred to as a hangover cure... We don't think it's a coincidence National Bloody Mary Day is January 1!

If you rang in the new year a little too hard, a Bloody Mary with brunch might be just what the doctor ordered and, if you're a fan of the drink, we've got you covered.

The easy option? Our Bloody Mary Gift Set. Each set contains a bottle of zippy Hell Raising Hot Sauce, ingredients Celery Salt, Smoked Black Pepper, and Worcestershire Powder, and spicy Sriracha Sea Salt for the rim of the glass. You'll even find a card with AllSpicer Rory's favorite Bloody Mary recipe.

Switch up the flavor a bit by rimming your glass with a variety of flavored sea salts. Some of our favorites include our Smoked Bacon Salt, Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt, or smoky Chipotle Sea Salt. Or add a splash or two of tasty Col Pabst Worcestershire Sauce to the mix. 

Finally, if you like to keep things simple, grab a bottle of Mo'Mary Mix and just add vodka!

What's the must-have ingredient in your Bloody Mary? Let us know in the comments!

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