Spotlight Spice(s): Hot 'n Spicy!

Saturday (8/19) is National Hot and Spicy Food Day, and it's near and dear to our hearts. To celebrate the day, we've rounded up our favorite AllSpice ingredients for the perfect hot and spicy dish. If you love a little heat in your (culinary) life, read on for a bit of inspiration (and maybe a bit of perspiration, too)!

Marash Chile


We carry a selection of thirty dried chiles which run the gamut from mild options like Ancho, Guajillo, or smoky Chipotle chiles to zippier options like Habanero, Ghost, and Scorpion chiles.  

Like things hot, but not too hot (juuuuuust riiiight)? Try our crushed Marash Chile for adding a medium-intensity heat and earthy, slightly fruity flavor to your favorite dish.


Rubs & Blends

Spicy Rubs & Blends

With nearly ninety rubs and blends on hand, choosing one or two can be a real challenge! Here are a handful we recommend spice lovers try:

Ammazza Suocera Blend - This zippy Italian-inspired AllSpice creation translates loosely to "kill the mother-in-law" and packs both a punch and bold Italian flavors. Think of it as a spicy house seasoning that's good on pizza, pasta, and soups. The truth is, it's good on darn near everything!


Hot Chili Powder - Medium Chili Powder's spicier sibling, this warm blend of dried chiles, paprika, salt, garlic, and other herbs and spices is perfect for flavoring a piping-hot pot of spicy chili

Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning - Nashvillians like their chicken hot - real hot. In fact, they celebrate this culinary creation annually at the Music City Hot Chicken Festival. This spicy blend is great on chicken (of course) and also makes a tasty dip combined with sour cream. Also give it a try it on roasted or fried potatoes, steamed broccoli, and grilled or broiled fish.. 


Flavored Olive Oils

Cayenne Fused Olive Oil -

Spicy Olive Oils

This beautiful, bright red fused olive oil packs a real punch! You'll notice the aroma of fresh hot cayenne chiles the minute you take the cork out of the bottle. Our Cayenne Fused Olive Oil has an assertive heat that builds and lingers. It's great with seafood, steaks, roasts, lamb, venison, chicken, barbecue, salsas, stir fry, soups, stews, and more. 

Baklouti Fused Olive Oil - Green is the theme with this zippy Tunisian fused olive oil. It's intensely aromatic and spicy and is great for roasts, grains, and savory sauces. We love it drizzled over eggs, potatoes, grilled vegetables, and various Mexican dishes, as well as added to soups, stews, chicken, crock pot meals, couscous, and marinades.

Spicy Ahmar Pepper Olive Oil - Crafted with fresh red and sun-dried red peppers using a local recipe from Cap du Bon, this unique, medium-to-hot heat oil is slightly floral and sweet with a hint of smokiness from the sun-dried peppers. Use it on grilled lamb, chicken, or roasted root veggies. 


Is your favorite hot and spicy AllSpice ingredient missing from our list of favorites? Tell us about it in the comments below. 


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