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Wild Animal Gift Box


Call of the Wild. Perhaps you are a seasonal hunter for deer, pheasant, wild turkey or other game. Or maybe you have a taste for more exotic (but store-bought) fare like emu, elk, or ostrich.
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  • Still others, on the “paleo” eating regimen, swear by wild game. It is pretty much the definition of paleolithic eating — lean, low in fat, high in protein — and generally free from antibiotic or hormone treatments or additives.
    Wild game has a stronger, more intense flavor than blander-tasting domesticated meat. Some stronger-flavored herbs and spices may be the best match for your game meat recipes.
    Whatever your reason, whatever your tastes, our Wild Animal Boxed set contains four of our favorite flavors to complement all sorts of wild game:
    Bourbon Pepper Blend is a blend of premium green and black peppercorns, melded with herbs, spices, and real bourbon. The mellow green peppercorns counterbalance the sharper black pepper and bring out the delicious flavor of the bourbon.
    Juniper Berries (whole) Best known for flavoring gin, juniper berries are a perfect flavoring for game and other strong meats. Juniper berries have a fragrant and flowery bouquet, reminding you of the curiously pleasing aromas of gin and turpentine. Juniper's flavor is aromatic, bittersweet, and piney.
    Smoked Sea Salt (coarse) is coarse sea salt that has been smoked over wood fires. Our Smoked Sea Salt provides a smooth, smoky flavor, but without bitterness. This salt is great on grilled meats and vegetables, is an amazing finishing touch on baked potatoes.
    Wild Game Rub is a versatile blend that’s aromatic and savory, enhancing the flavor of all sorts of wild game. Try Wild Game Rub on lamb, poultry, bison, or even just on some burgers or steaks before you toss them on the grill.