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AllSpice at Tomato Festival This Saturday

Heirloom_Baby_TomatoesThis Saturday, September 2, AllSpice Owners Rory and Andy are going to Ted Lare Design Build and Garden Center to participate in their Tomato Fest!

AllSpice will be there from 2pm to 5pm, sampling and selling some AllSpice favorites. Rory has made some of our Tomato Jam to sample,  and we will be sampling “Caprese on a Stick”* as well.

The event spotlights local growers and artists and merchants, and will include:

  • A Tomato Tasting of 20+ heirloom varieties of tomatoes, with customers voting for their favorite one.
  • Jeff Naples, aka “The Beard Behind the Bar,” will mixing up samples of tomato-inspired drinks.
  • There will also be a salsa contest, a coloring contest, and farmers market vendors on site, too.

We would so love to see our readers there!


*Caprese on a Stick = heirloom cherry tomato + fresh basil + mozzarella on a skewer, drizzled with your favorite Balsamic Vinegar for good measure


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Seasoned Heirloom Potato Chips (with Truffled Parmesan )

Small potatoes like fingerlings or “new” potatoes make the perfect sized chip when thinly sliced. Some varieties of small heirloom potatoes come in fun colors, which makes for a batch of eye-catching chips.


2 lbs fingerling and/or small heirloom potatoes, scrubbed and patted dry
4 Cups vegetable (or grapeseed or other high smoke-point) oil
2 Tbsp Olive Oil (optional)
1/4 Cup Truffled Parmesan Seasoning
2 tsp Sea Salt


Using a mandoline or thinnest slicing blade on your food processor, slice potatoes into rounds as thinly as possible. (The thinner the slice, the crispier the chip). Transfer potato slices to a big bowl of cold water and soak for one hour. Drain potatoes in a colander and pat the slices dry with a kitchen towel.

Pour enough vegetable oil into a deep fryer so that a batch of potato slices can roil and boil freely. You can also use a heavy cast iron skillet on your stove on high heat. Heat oil to 340°F (use your candy thermometer to check).

Add potato slices to the heated oil in batches, and use long-handled, heatproof tongs (or slotted spoon or fine stir-fry strainer) to make sure slices cook evenly, about two minutes per batch. Drain excess oil from each batch on a layer of fresh paper towels.

Transfer chips to a big bowl and toss with Truffled Parmesan Seasoning (and optional olive oil and sea salt). Serve immediately.

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