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DMACC Iowa Culinary Institute Fleur de Lys Gala

ICI-17-tablescapeAllSpice owners Rory and Andy, and several of the AllSpice crew, went to the Iowa Culinary Institute‘s (ICI) annual Fleur de Lys gala dinner at DMACC last weekend.

The Iowa Culinary Institute blends the DMACC Culinary Arts program with the community to create unforgettable culinary experiences for its patrons.  The ICI offers opportunities for the public to experience the culinary world at DMACC, and participate in activities involving our Culinary Arts students and staff.  During the academic year, ICI hosts five-course, themed meals prepared by DMACC Culinary Arts students and Culinary Arts faculty. The dinners offer a world-class dining experience. 

The crowning finale of the ICI year is the Fleur de Lys gala that they host each April. Proceeds of this French gourmet buffet dinner (with paired wines) and auction go to support an international chef / student chef exchange, which provides scholarships for the ICI program’s top eight graduates to travel to France in May where they will have culinary internships with our French chefs in the St-Etienne region.

Here is the Fleur de Lys gala menu:

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