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Series Kicks Off With Paprika “Lunch and Learn”

Paprika-all-kindsJoin us for the kick off to our new event series – Lunch and Learn!

Customers often ask us if we offer cooking classes. While we don’t have the space to host a complete class or an in-depth, hands-on workshop, we did want to find a way to meet customers’ requests for opportunities to learn more about the ingredients we sell — and how to use them effectively and creatively.

Introducing the Lunch and Learn series! Join us every other Wednesday at noon for a specialized shopping experience. Stop by and learn some “spicy” facts, try a tasty sample using that ingredient, and take home a few recipes!

The Lunch and Learn session consists of a 15-minute presentation about our topic of the week. After the informal talk, AllSpice staff will be available to answer any additional questions you may have.


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Fun (and Food!) Events Coming To Historic East Village

Now that we’ve gotten the Labor Day holiday (and any end-of-summer commitments) out of the way, it’s time to clear your calendar for these fun events coming to the Historic East Village over the next few weeks:

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Dairy-Free Ice Cream Tips From Wooden Spoons Workshop’s Deb Cazavilan

coconut_DF_icecreamEarlier on our blog, shared eight tips for foolproof homemade ice cream.

But what about those of you wanting to try more exotic recipes? Or make homemade frozen treats for someone who’s going dairy-free?

We checked in with Deb Cazavilan, ice cream lover and owner/instructor of Wooden Spoons Workshop, a cooking school in Ankeny.

Deb shared some of her best tips and tricks for dairy-free ice cream:

I’m no “expert” [we beg to disagree – editor] but I have learned a thing or two along the way.

Several things to consider when using non-dairy substitutes:

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Italian-Moroccan Cuisine… With a Dash of AllSpice

Cooking_With_Alessandra_Moroccan_foodOn April 14th we’re at Cooking With Alessandra, where we will be working with Chef Taoufik from the pop-up restaurant “Little Morocco.”

Our hostess, Alessandra, says:

“Italy and Morocco are two beautiful neighbors countries, just separated from the Mediterranean  Sea, with a long and colorful  tradition and huge variety  of food.

Taoufik and I studied a wonderful menu for this class, were the Mediterranean flavor and inspiration will find the perfect fusion in the dishes that we reinvented with the magic touch and help of AllSpice.

Come and learn about Morocco from one of the most  inspirational chef in Des Moines!

Cooking_With_Alessandra_Moroccan_mint_teaThe planned Italian-Moroccan class menu includes:

  • -Focaccia with 2 Moroccan dips:
    Tomato chechouka dip from city of Rabat.
    Peas and pistachio dip with un po of parmigiano
  • -Moroccan soup, Harrira: Beef, lentils, celery and bell pepper, ginger powder, turmeric, cinnamon, and coriander powder, tomatoes, chickpeas
  • -Small Cannolli with Pistachio or Spicy Chocolate Filling, served with famous Moroccan Mint Tea.

Enrollment in this Italian-Moroccan culinary class ($55) is limited, so if you want to go, sign up (soon!) at Alessandra’s class-enrollment website. See you there!

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Easter Brunch, on Tuesday Night! (and how you can try this at home)

Alessandra_Easter_Brunch_Andy_HamBy all accounts, this week’s Easter Brunch class was a big hit, for participants and teachers alike!

We joined the namesake owner of Cooking With Alessandra for a Tuesday evening class, making a range of delicious dishes that are perfect for a springtime weekend brunch!

Here’s the Easter Brunch menu (and photos, below):


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