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Sonoma Seasoning Blend


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Sonoma Seasoning Blend, a Northern California BBQ mix, is much like the area for which it is named: chilled-out, yet somehow also intense.
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  • Chilled-out: Sonoma was the site of the last of the Spanish Missions to be founded in California, the peaceful Mission San Francisco Solano. Intense: It was also the political center of Northern California [still Mexico in the 1830s], and was declared the capital of the Republic of California in the short-lived Bear Flag Revolt.
    Chilled-out: Sonoma has a Mediterranean micro-climate that makes it ideally suited for viniculture [wine-making]. It is the home of the quintessential mellow California grape varietal, the Zinfandel. Intense: Sonoma is home to the big-business Sebastiani winery, which bottles and ships 8 million cases of vino each year.
    So it is with our Sonoma Seasoning Blend. It is a mix of flavors that seem as incompatibly different as can be, and yet they coexist deliciously together. Sweet orange mixes with mild chili, as well as garlic and other bright flavors. Think about using this Northern California BBQ seasoning with beef, pork, or chicken: brush with olive oil, then rub liberally with Sonoma Seasoning before grilling. The spice and citrus blend is strong enough to hold its own with salmon, too.
    Toss sliced potatoes, carrots, and onions with a little oil and some Sonoma Seasoning Blend, then roast on a baking sheet, for a taste of bright California sunshine, any time of year.
    Ingredients: Paprika, salt, chopped onion, garlic, sugar, canola oil