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Vindaloo Blend


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Vindaloo is a Southwest Asian sour curry that is especially good with strong-flavored meats such as venison, duck, bluefish, pork, or lamb.
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  • Vindaloo is the culinary hallmark of Goa, a tiny state on the southwestern [Malabar] coast of India. Goa is more renowned today for being a haven for enthusiasts of clubbing and electronic trance music than for being the birthplace of a global favorite dish.
    Vindaloo is the culinary love-child of Goa and Portugal, which ruled over Goa as a colony from the 1500's until the state's independence in 1961 [interestingly, a whole 14 years after the rest of India gained independence from Great Britain]. The word vindaloo itself is a hybrid of Portuguese words for vinegar and alho, or garlic. [Some folks believe, mistakenly, that the aloo part of Vindaloo comes from aloo, the Hindi word for potatoes. Potatoes don't typically appear in authentic Goa vindaloo].
    Use our hot [but not too hot] and spicy Vindaloo Blend for an authentic south Indian main dish -- pork vindaloo as enjoyed by the Catholic population of Goa, or, delicious Vindaloo lamb, chicken, or duck, eaten by the Muslims and Hindus of India who eschew pork. Many people enjoy goat vindaloo, a meat which is becoming easier to obtain even in smaller US cities.
    Add Vindaloo Blend to vinegar to create a tangy marinade for any of these meats, or use as a vibrant dry rub.
    Ingredients: Coriander, salt, turmeric, paprika, pepper, garlic, cayenne, other spices