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Thai Rub


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Think of Thai food, and you will probably think of aromatic ginger, garlic, and exotic peppers and lemongrass. When you want to create meat dishes with that delicious taste and aroma at home, look to our Thai Rub for an easy start.
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  • In a catchy phrase that rhymes, you should know that our Thai Rub is a dry rub. Apply Thai Rub directly to pork chops, shoulder, or tenderloin. Thai Rub is tasty on grilled shrimp, chicken and fish! Sprinkle Thai Rub on vegetables and rice noodle dishes, season soups, and of course stir fry recipes. Thai Rub has a hint of chile pepper, but its heat is very mild.
    Turn dry Thai Rub into a marinade or sauce with the addition of a little liquid - water, oil or lemon juice for marinades, or coconut milk for a Southeast Asian sauce delight.
    Ingredients: Coriander, ginger, basil, salt, sugar, tomato powder, tamarind, rice concentrate, caramel color, sumac, hickory smoke, citric acid, garlic, onion, cayenne