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Thai Coconut Green Curry Blend


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Thai Coconut Green Curry spice blend brings an intricate blend of hot, spicy and sweet to your kitchen, ready to spice up your cooking. Vibrant spices and green chiles give the blend a zippy kick, while powdered coconut milk and a dash of brown sugar lend a soothing sweetness to your curry creations.
  • INFO
  • A dish that is as varied as the South Asian countries in which it is the signature dish, the word curry comes from the Tamil word kari, which simply means "sauce or relish for rice." A traditional Thai curry begins with a paste of fresh herbs and ground spices, hot chilies, coconut milk, and even aromatic leaves, cooked with meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit.
    Try Thai Coconut Green Curry spice blend in your next chicken or seafood curry, or use it to season a batch of chopped vegetables and tofu. Add a spoonful to soup stock for a brilliant broth, or sprinkle on shrimp kebabs before you grill. If you like to start your curry recipe with an authentic Thai curry paste, mix 1 part Thai Coconut Green Curry Powder to 1 part water (or coconut milk) and (optional) 1.5 part oil, stirring to blend before adding to your skillet of poultry, fish, meat or veg.
    Ingredients: Coconut milk powder, spices, salt, maltodextrin, brown sugar, ground chiles, shallots, contains less than 2% spinach powder, sodium caseinate, garlic powder, onion, brown rice flour, citric acid