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Iowa Pork BBQ Rub


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Iowa Pork BBQ Rub captures the distinctive flavor of Memphis-style barbecue, sweet and hot all at the same time. Developed to be a perfect companion to BBQ pork, but also extra-tasty on chicken.
Formally known as Pig Powder BBQ Rub
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  • Memphis, Tennessee, sits at the confluence of the Mississippi and Wolf rivers, right where Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi meet. Home to blues music and early rock'n'roll, Memphis is also celebrated as a culinary epicenter for fantastic barbecue.
    Memphis-style barbecue is always pork, primarily ribs, and occasionally pulled pork shoulder for sandwiches. Ribs are cut in the "St. Louis style," and seasoned before cooking with a dry rub like our Iowa Pork BBQ Rub.
    Iowa Pork BBQ Rub uses the base of all good Memphis-style rubs - paprika, which bestows that red, rich color and robust sweet-hot flavor. Use our Iowa Pork BBQ Rub for perfect Memphis-style ribs using this simple technique: liberal application to the meat, and long, slow cooking over a low, steady heat.
    Try Iowa Pork BBQ Rub on pork ribs, Boston butts [for pulled pork], on picnic hams, and shoulder roasts. Don't be stingy - pack it on for great flavor - make a paste with one of our citrus olive oils, rub, and grill.
    Ingredients: Sugar, salt, paprika, chile powder, garlic, rice concentrate, pepper, cayenne, other spices