Butter Olive Oil

Butter Olive Oil

Olive oil is the go-to ingredient in my pantry. Perhaps it is in yours, too. Need to saute some meat or stir-fry some veggies? Olive oil. Need to dress a salad? Olive oil. Need to put something on pasta so spices and Parmesan will stick to the noodles? Olive oil. Roasting potatoes? Olive oil. Marinade? Olive oil. Bread dip? Olive oil. Shortening for cornbread? Olive oil. For nearly every cooking-fat job in my kitchen [or on the grill], I have an olive oil that fills the bill.

But sometimes, I must admit, even olive oil can't fill the bill for cooking fat. Sometimes, the creamy flavor of butter is needed, and for that reason, I am in love with our Natural Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This creamy, smooth, sweet olive oil is redolent with the rich flavor of butter. Use Natural Butter Olive Oil as a vegetarian butter substitute wherever you might use melted butter: over hot popcorn; for dipping crab, shrimp or other seafood; on "buttered noodles;" with mashed potatoes; in baked good recipes; with pancakes, waffles and French toast.

For a more authentic butter-like experience, chill Natural Butter Olive Oil in the refrigerator or freezer in a small "spready" container for a few hours. When the olive oil solidifies, it makes an easy buttery spread for hot biscuits, bread and other bakery goods.

Try our Natural Butter Olive Oil in place of melted butter in Hollandaise and other sauces, or pair with our Garlic Olive Oil, or Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar for a delicious marinade or vinaigrette!

375 ml Glass Bottle  $14.75 
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