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Pasilla Chile, Powder


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Also known as Chile Negro, the Pasilla Chile is a mild chile whose name means "little raisin" in Spanish and derives from its black and wrinkly texture. Pasilla chiles have an earthy flavor, a bright aroma, and mild heat [about 1000 - 1500 Scoville units, similar to Ancho chiles], which makes them one of the most versatile and popular chiles.
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  • Partnered with the Ancho and Guajilo, Pasilla Chile forms the mighty triumvirate of chiles that are used in making traditional mole sauces that are omnipresent in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. On its own, the Pasilla Chile is often combined with fruits, and is delicious with seafood, duck, lamb, and foods spiced with garlic, fennel, honey or oregano.
    Pasilla Chile is often used for soups, salsas and stews.