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Maple Sugar Powder


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Maple sugar is derived from boiling the sap of the sugar maple tree, after passing through the maple syrup phase, and the maple taffy [candy] stage. Once almost all the water has been boiled off, what remains is a solid block of sugar. This delicious natural sweetener, once dried, is then ground into granulated or powdered form.
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  • This is pure maple sugar in a granular form, which dissolves quickly without clumping. Maple sugar is sweet, with a naturally woodsy flavor, and combines the rich, complex flavors of maple syrup with a caramel sweetness. Very versatile, maple sugar powder can be dissolved into coffee or tea, sprinkled on hot or cold cereal, or cooked with fish or chicken, grains, fruits or vegetables.
    Maple sugar was the preferred form of the sweetener of Native Americans, as it was compact and more easy to transport than liquid syrup. Today, it makes a nice alternative to cane sugar. Maple sugar is about twice as sweet as "standard" white granulated sugar.
    Maple sugar, also sometimes called maple syrup powder, has a high mineral content, with lots of manganese [an antioxidant], zinc and potassium.
    Use maple sugar powder as you would cane sugar, though perhaps more sparingly, because maple sugar has more sweetness-per-teaspoon. Maple sugar is useful for healthy baking, and fantastic as an ingredient in marinades and barbecue sauces.
    Consider maple sugar powder a breakfast friend, sprinkling liberally over oatmeal or granola, or use to sweeten tart creamy yogurt. A dusting of maple sugar on buttered toast, waffles or pancakes makes the mundane a real treat!
    Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup