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Honey Sugar Powder


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Use powdered honey in drinks, baked goods, and rubs or marinades in place of conventional sugar. Some discerning cooks believe that our honey powder is sweeter than sugar, to you may want to tweak your recipes to taste. Powdered honey is delicious in tea, lemonade, and cocktails, and is an exquisite enhancement to homemade whipped cream [with our vanilla paste! oh! yum!]. Sprinkle a little over salmon or pork roast before baking, broiling or grilling for a nice sweet glaze.
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  • Honey is the world's oldest sweetener, one of the few foods that will never spoil. In its liquid form, honey is used to enhance all kinds of sweet and savory foods. Granulated honey is made with co-crystallization of refinery syrup and liquid honey, then breaking the sweet dried crystals into fine granules. Use our granulated honey in the same way you would liquid honey, with added ease of storage and dissolving that dry crystals allows.
    Honey, as you know, is made by bees using nectar from flowers. Not-so-tasty-food-fact: if you think about it, honeybees turn nectar into honey by a process of regurgitation. Nonetheless, humans have sought out honey since paleolithic times; a 10,000 year-old cave painting in Valencia depicts women collecting honeycomb.
    In ancient Egypt, honey was used to sweeten baked goods, as we do today, and also to embalm the dead -- and even to appease the fertility god, Min. In Hinduism, honey [called Madhu] is one of the five elixirs of immortality. It just tastes that good! In the Jewish Rosh Hashanah celebration, apple slices are dipped in honey and eaten to ring in a sweet new year. Honey and lemon together are great for respiratory ailments and sore throats.
    Honey is a term of endearment in the English language. Oddly, the farther south you travel in the US, the more likely you are to be called "honey" by strangers.