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Shichimi Seven Flavor Blend


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Bring a little Nipponese flavor to your Western cooking by using Shichimi to spice up seafood, whether you're barbecuing, frying, or grilling. Make a rub of shichimi and salt, and sprinkle generously on your fish or chicken. Shichimi also makes a zippy seasoning for rice cakes or crackers.
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  • Shichimi togarashi, "seven flavor chili pepper" in English, is a popular Japanese spice mixture of whole and coarse-ground spices. A colorful mix of textures and shapes, Shichimi Togarashi is a familiar table condiment throughout Japan, seasoning soups, noodle dishes, fish and beef.
    While there are many variations on the ingredients that make up the seven flavors, our Shichimi is a very traditional blend of red chile flakes, sansho, white sesame seeds, black hemp seeds, ao-nori, dried mandarin peel and white poppy seeds. For a variation in taste, you can also add different kinds of seaweed like kombu.
    Shichimi togarashi is used both as an ingredient during the cooking process, and as a condiment at the table to let you and your companion diners season your dish to your own taste. Shichimi brings a robust taste to tempura, jasmine rice, and other Japanese dishes.
    Ingredients: Red chile flakes, citrus peel, sesame seeds, hemp seed, green laver, poppy seed