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Shallots, Freeze-Dried


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Shallots are a member of the onion family. Shallots taste similar to the common onion, but are smaller, milder and sweeter, with a more complex flavor. Shallots can be used just like onions, and are very popular in French cooking.
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  • Shallots probably originated in Southeast Asia, spreading in popularity from there to India and on to the eastern Mediterranean. Shallots are used extensively in French, Iranian, southeast Asian, and Indian cuisines.
    Shallots have become a standard ingredient in many sauces because of their unique flavor. The flavorful-but-mild nature of shallots allows them to blend well, without overwhelming the taste of a dish, as garlic and onion sometimes do. Shallots are used in soups, sauces, breads, meat fish, pork, and vegetable dishes. Shallots also make a good salt-free seasoning for low-sodium diets.
    Our freeze dried Shallots have a longer shelf life than fresh or dried Shallots, and add the same wonderful flavor to recipes. It takes a staggering 18 lbs of fresh shallots to produce 1 lb of freeze dried. Reconstitute freeze dried shallots by covering with an equal amount of water, or use as-is in longer cooking processes. Use half as much freeze-dried shallot as your would fresh.