Seasoning's Greetings Holiday Meal Gift Box


Season(ing)’s Greetings to you! This year (2019) we’ve created a box that will take your holiday meal to the next level, whether you’re preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or simply a special meal with friends and family. Our new Seasoning’s Greetings gift box includes our favorites for hearty winter meals you’re sure to enjoy!
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  • This collection started with our favorite rubs and seasonings for the main event - turkey, poultry and beef – and then we added other favorites to dial up those side dishes!
    * Prime Rib Rub is great for prime rib, of course, but can also be used to make pot roast, beef stew, steaks, and burgers tasty. And it’s super easy to use – just add a sprinkle in and cook as you normally would. Jazz up some mashed potatoes by adding a little to the mix after mashing.
    * Turkey & Poultry Seasoning is a unique alternative to the standard herbed poultry rub most folks use on their turkey or chicken. It still has the wonderful herby flavors of sage and thyme, but adds salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and onion to add some interest. Don’t let the name fool you, this seasoning is also tasty on pork – the other white meat!
    * French Herb & Mustard Rub has its eye on your side dishes. This blend is a wonderful addition to mashed potatoes, potato and egg salads and roasted vegetables. Responsible for the appetizers? Toss some of this rub into your deviled eggs or mix with sour cream and mayonnaise to a delicious veggie platter dip!
    * Honey Granulated is your dessert secret weapon. Add a little to heavy cream and whip for a delicious whipped topping for your pumpkin or sweet potato pie – really anything you’d put whipped topping on. You can use this in your candied sweet potatoes, whipped into butter for hot rolls/breads, or in place of sugar anywhere you’d use it – like coffee, tea, or hot cereals.
    * Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend isn’t a one-trick pony – it’s incredibly versatile. Its most obvious use is in anything pumpkin – pies, bars, cakes, cupcakes and even soups. You can also put this in sweet potatoes (candied or pie), savory pies, and whipped into butter along with the Honey Granulated. Feeling festive first thing in the morning? Add ¼ tsp to your ground coffee before brewing for coffee with a little something extra to enjoy!