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Savory Leaf


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Savory is a favorite herb for spicing legumes, especially lentils. A member of the mint family, most closely related to rosemary and thyme, savory has a flavor reminiscent of thyme, but has a bold, peppery taste.
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  • Savory is a plant native to southern Europe, where ancient Romans are known to combine savory with vinegar as a sauce for fish.

    Savory plays an important part in Italian cuisine, particularly when cooking beans. The flavor of savory is strong enough that salt is not needed for the beans. Savory is great in marinades and salad dressings.

    Ground savory is also used to season the traditional Acadian stew known as tricot, and is a key ingredient in sarmale, a stuffed cabbage dish in traditional Transylvanian cuisine. Savory can be used instead of sage in poultry stuffing, and can be found quite often in sausage-making recipes. It's also a pleasing herb in soup. In Germany, savory is referred to as Bohnenkraut, the bean herb, or Pfefferkraut, the pepper herb.

    A common use in the south of France is to marinate goat cheese rounds in olive oil and savory. Tomatoes have a particular affinity for savory so you might try slipping a bit into your next tomato sauce. Summer savory combines well with other herbs, bringing out each flavor without overwhelming.