Salts of the Earth


Salts of the Earth is a set of six 1/4-Cup jars of some of our favorite salts: Espresso Brava Salt, French Provencial Salt, Habanero Pepper Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Porcini Mushroom Salt, and Smoked Bacon Salt. These salts can be used to perk up your sweet and savory favorites.

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  • A most worthy person: decent, dependable, unpretentious - are you what folks call "the salt of the earth"?
    In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:13), Jesus called his followers "the salt of the earth," salt being a metaphor for wisdom in Rabbinic literature of the time. He also warned that if these vital followers "lost their flavor" (sometimes cited as savor), they would end up being of no help to others.
    Don't let that happen to you - literally or figuratively - my wise friends. Share your wisdom, and your smart culinary skills, with the world. Keep your "flavor", and finish your kitchen creations with a wise culinary flourish with something in our Salts of the Earth gift box.
    These salts can be used to perk up your sweet and savory favorites. It is a great mix to of spicy, smoky, citrus, coffee, and herbaceous. The pink is a great mineral salt that has a nice crunch.
    The Salts of the Earth set comes packed in a lovely gift box, and makes an excellent gift for anyone from the gourmand who has everything, to the only-cooks-in-the-microwave friend who could use some of your wise, flavorful seasoning suggestions.