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Salsa Verde Seasoning


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This delicious Salsa Verde blend combines ground tomatillos and green chiles with aromatics and lime peel, making it perfect for soups, fajitas, or fish tacos. Boost the flavor of your green (pork) chili, or stir a bit of spice into your enchiladas with a spoonful of Salsa Verde Seasoning in the sauce.!
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  • One of the best parts of getting tacos from the tiny Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood is the taste of the owner's fresh, homemade salsa verde. It is so good, so fresh, and tastes great on whatever type of taco (or any other dish we order, for that matter), we find ourselves asking if we can take the leftover salsa home at the end of the meal. We use it with so many dishes!
    A ubiquitous sauce in Mexican cuisine, salsa verde owes its ripe green color and pleasantly tart flavor to the tomatillo, and its pleasant heat to green chiles. And now you can easily add that delicious tart and spicy taste to your home cooking with our Salsa Verde Seasoning.!
    Add a little Salsa Verde Seasoning to your slow-cooker chicken or garlic-studded pork roast to give it a Mexican kick. Sprinkle a little on sliced garden tomatoes, or use in a dressing for any kind of salad with beans, lentils, grains, or shrimp.!
    Salsa Verde Seasoning contains Tomatillo powder, Salt, Spices, Ground chiles, Onion, Garlic, Lime peel, Powdered honey (sugar, honey), and silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent).!