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Red Wine Vinegar, Barrel Aged 375 ml (12 oz) Bottle


Our barrel aged Red Wine Vinegar is made from Barolo wine, which comes from the northern Italian region of Piedmont. This vinegar is made using traditional methods and is aged in oak casks. The result is a bright and fragrant vinegar with a subtle red coloring in which you’ll taste the distinctive notes of Barolo wine. Good Eats: Perfect combined with your favorite olive oil to create a tasty vinaigrette for a classic salad with a protein, great for reductions, and for use in marinades for chicken and beef
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  • Barolo wine is a red wine produced in the northern Italian region of Piedmont from the Nebbiolo grape. Barolo wine must come from grapes in the denomination of origin certified and guaranteed (DOCG) region, a relatively small area southwest of Alba, Italy. The wine has a big, bold flavor and is typically paired with foods of similar weight such as pastas, risottos and meaty dishes.

    You’ll pick up the distinct flavor of Barolo wine in our barrel aged Red Wine Vinegar, making it a great inclusion in a vinaigrette for a salad of bold greens with a protein, perfect as part of a marinade for chicken and beef, and good in a reduction or pan sauce.

    Contains aged wine vinegar, Barolo wine, and naturally occurring sulfites.