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Red Rooster Rub


Starting From: $3.20

To avoid that boring rut, you should try our #1-selling chicken BBQ rub: Red Rooster Rub, a delicious and easy new variation on your simple weeknight chicken routine.
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  • Chicken is an easy weeknight recipe choice, because, well, it's easy. Chicken is tasty, but can be made to taste good in so many ways, with different herb and spice combinations, and different cooking methods, the possibilities are many. The only downside is that it is easy to fall into a rut of making chicken the same old way too often.
    Red Rooster Rub has a complex flavor profile, with bold paprika and dusky sage, along with a tasty blend of other herbs and spices.
    If you've ever tried our Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend, we can tell you that, whereas that blend tastes most strongly of sage, the Red Rooster Rub tastes most strongly of spice and paprika.
    You can use Red Rooster Rub on beef, or pork -- but it's with chicken that Red Rooster Rub really works its magic. Rub it in and on your poultry [chicken, turkey, or the bird of your choice], or blend it with a bit of butter, and put it under the poultry skin. Roast, grill, or bake, and enjoy the delicious taste and aroma of the Red Rooster blend.
    Try a spoonful of Red Rooster Rub to season your stuffing, rice and potato recipes, or put a pinch in your scrambled eggs before cooking to add a great new flavor to your routine cooking.
    Ingredients: Salt, thyme, pepper, paprika, sage, onion, lemon pepper (white pepper, lemon oil), cayenne, garlic, shallots, other spices