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Red Pepper Chile, Crushed


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Spicy Red Pepper flakes are frequently used in pickling, sauces and sausages. Great in soups, stews, and chili. Red Pepper flakes work wonders with creamy foods such as egg or cheese dishes. This is the traditional "pizza pepper" flake!
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  • Known as a Turkish condiment, Red Pepper is prepared from moderately pungent Capsicums of Turkey and Southern America. The deeper the color, the better the quality of the Red Pepper. Incorporate Red Pepper into your cooking for a distinct chile flavor, without accompanying heat.
    Red Peppers are used extensively in so many far-flung cuisines it can't fit neatly into this product description. In Mexican and Italian foods, Red Pepper is used in sausage, soups, sauces, on pizza, and is also sometimes mixed with olive oil. In Serbia, Macedonia, and Bulgaria, the Red Pepper finds its way into side dishes, ground meats, eggs, cottage cheese, and is a main ingredient in the traditional tomato-and-pepper dip, Ljutenica. Red Pepper is found in Asian dishes like stir fry, is a staple of Ethiopian cooking, and is widely used worldwide as a medicinal aid.