7-8 Cups Cinnamon Apple Chex cereal
1-1/2 Cups white chocolate chips
1 to 1-1/2 Cups powdered sugar
2 tsp Apple Pie Spice


Using a double boiler, or a heatproof bowl in the microwave, melt the white chocolate chips, stirring until melted and smooth.

Pour half of the melted white chocolate and 1 tsp of Apple Pie Spice Blend onto the cereal squares. Toss to coat, then pour over the remaining melted white chocolate and the other teaspoon of Apple Pie Spice.

Gently continue stirring until cereal squares are evenly coated with chocolate and spices.

Using a sifter (or a spoon and a steady hand), dust snack mix with powdered sugar. Use one cup of powdered sugar to begin, adding up to another 1/2 Cup if desired.

Spread snack mix onto a wax or parchment paper-lined baking sheet, and allow cereal to cool thoroughly before serving.

Store any leftover snack mix in a sealed container for up to one week.

Adapted from A Pumpkin And A Princess.

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One Response to Apple Pie Muddy Buddies

  1. Barbara Bourgeois says:

    this sounds delicious; definitely plan on fixing it for the holidays; makes a good change

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