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Prime Rib Rub


Starting From: $5.00

Make your next gathering extra special by serving prime rib. Super easy to make with our Prime Rib Rub and can easily feed a multitude of people. Simply pat your roast dry, then rub with olive oil and coat with our Prime Rib Rub. Remember after you pull that hot tired roast out, let it rest. Pepper, garlic, shallots, salt, onion, rosemary, and bourbon.
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  • For many committed cooks (and serious eaters), prime rib is a cut of beef that is synonymous with fancy dinner.

    Prime rib is also sometimes called a standing rib roast - so named because the rib bones are often still attached to the cut of meat, and the bones double as a natural “roasting rack” in the pan, and that rack can elegantly stand on end, rib bones pointing toward the ceiling, when served.

    Delicious on its own, prime rib needs no complicated preparation. It is, however, an expensive cut of meat, so when you prepare it yourself, you’ll want to get the seasoning just right.

    You can effortlessly make your next prime rib dinner extra special with our Prime Rib Rub. It’s got that simple “just right” blend of complementary ingredients like pepper, garlic, shallots, salt, onion, rosemary, and bourbon, that enhances the taste of the roast without overwhelming its juicy, natural flavor.

    It’s easy to use: simply pat your roast dry, lightly rub with olive oil, then coat with our Prime Rib Rub. Wrap the prime rib in plastic wrap, and refrigerate up to 24 hours in advance. Roast according to the directions in your favorite recipe.

    Prime Rib Rub is also an excellent blend for seasoning other beef dishes like pot roast, and even meatloaf, as well as wild game like venison and elk.