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Plum Fruit Vinegar 375 ml (12 oz) Bottle


Deep red fresh Italian plums give our Plum Fruit Vinegar a delicious and complex flavor with sweet and sour aromas. Good Eats: Poach or macerate fresh fruit, combine with olive oil for a tasty vinaigrette or marinade, deglaze your pan after searing pork chops, reduce and enjoy with a charcuterie board, add a tablespoon or two to fresh compotes or jams Perfect Pairs: Persian Lime or Blood Orange Fused Olive Oils, Rosemary, Basil, Roasted Onion & Cilantro, or Harissa Infused Olive Oils, Roasted Sesame Oil, Roasted Walnut Oil, or any unflavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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  • Fresh Italian plums create our Plum Fruit Vinegar which is full of flavor with notes of both sweet and sour. This fruit vinegar is a wonderful addition to Asian and fusion-influenced dishes. Combine with our Roasted Walnut Oil or Roasted Sesame Oil to create a vinaigrette or marinade that is sweet, tangy, and rich in flavor.

    Create a wonderful salad of tender greens, stone fruit, and toasted nuts dressed with a vinaigrette from equal parts of Plum Fruit Vinegar and a medium-intensity extra virgin olive oil.

    Use as a marinade or drizzle for meats too – this flavor compliments pork and lamb particularly nicely. Try combining with our Roasted Sesame Oil, fresh ginger, and minced garlic, then simmer to a reduction and serve over grilled chicken or shrimp.

    Plum’s flavor pairs nicely with Prosciutto, cheeses, and other fruits making it perfect for a charcuterie board. Reduce it to serve as a drizzle or for dipping or add a tablespoon or two to a homemade jam or compote.