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Paprika, Smoked Bittersweet


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Smoked bittersweet paprika packs an earthy, bittersweet flavor and aroma. The bittersweet quality of this paprika derives from an elongated type of Pimiento [pepper] that is neither hot nor mild. Smoked bittersweet paprika is essential to Spanish and Hungarian cuisines. It's a perfect match for homemade sausages, paella, grilled meats and stews.
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  • Paprika is a spice made from the grinding of dried bell peppers or chili peppers. Paprika is used in many cuisines to add color and flavor to dishes. Paprika's bouquet is slightly warm and sweet, but its flavor can range widely from mild and sweet to hot.
    Christopher Columbus is credited with bringing the chile back from the New World to Europe in the early 1500's. By the 1560's, these peppers had reached the Balkans, where they were called paparka. Paprika is especially identified with Hungarian food, though it features prominently in recipes throughout Europe, particularly in Spain, and in Turkish cuisine.
    If a food item is colored red, orange or reddish-brown and the ingredient label lists 'Natural Color', it is likely paprika. Also, did you know? -- Paprika is added to zoo flamingos' food to help them keep their salmon-pink plumage bright and beautiful.
    Americans know paprika best as that red stuff you sprinkle on top of deviled eggs, but paprika is so much more versatile! At Allspice, we carry six different kinds of paprika, each one certain to liven up your cooking.