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Orange Zest


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Our orange zest is dehydrated and coarsely ground. Still replete with citrus oils, this orange zest is stronger than fresh peel - use perhaps one-third the called-for amount in your recipes. If used in baking, rehydrate first: pour boiling water over zest and let sit, covered, for 5 - 10 minutes. Drain before using.
Orange zest is the secret ingredient in my cranberry-pear chutney recipe [Alex, I will type this out for you - it's fabulous], and is a nice salad garnish. Add to sauces and gravies to impart a little tangy twist. Try adding coarse ground orange zest to breads, cookies, biscotti, cheesecake and other sweet dishes. Orange zest also is a fine addition to marinades and savory dishes. And, of course, orange zest is perfectly wonderful in any sort of tea.
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  • Our coarse ground orange zest is summer sunshine in a jar, as flavorful as freshly grated orange rind, and a convenient shortcut for cooking, baking, and drink preparation.
    Zest is the colorful outer peel of citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange, citron and lime. Zest is called for in recipes to add flavor ["zest"] to foods and beverages.
    Zest is obtained by grating bits of citrus peel from the outside of the fruit: longer decorative bits [a "twist"] for garnishes in drinks like martinis, finer grated bits for desserts and savory rice dishes. Zest is a critical ingredient in a number of condiment, jam and pickle recipes, bringing just the right amount of tartness to balance the other ingredients.