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Orange Extract 2 fl. oz


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  • The refreshing citrus flavor of orange extract is useful anywhere you need a bit of orange. Orange extract is made from the oil of orange skins, and captures the essence of citrus flavor. Orange extract is the perfect taste partner to vanilla, chocolate, strawberries, pineapples and many other sweets and fruits.
    Orange extract is a popular ingredient in biscotti, Italian orange spice cake, and in Italian ricotta cheese cake. Add an orange burst to fruit pies, salad dressings, cream and custard desserts. Try orange extract in frostings and fillings, and as a fruity addition to cocoa or tea.
    Orange extract can enhance rice, chicken, chicken a la orange and fish dishes. Orange extract brings a citrus touch to marinades for fish or pork. One tsp. orange extract is equal to one tbsp. orange liqueur [like Grand Marnier].
    Extracts, whether vanilla, lemon, almond or another flavor, are made by mixing a concentrated flavor with alcohol. The alcohol burns off during cooking or baking, leaving behind only the desired flavor in your cooking.