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Orange Blossom Water 2 fl. oz


  • INFO
  • Orange blossom water is distilled water that contains the essential oils of the orange blossom. Orange blossom water adds a hint of a citrus scent to foods and compliments the flavor.
    Orange blossom water is thought to have originated in the Middle East, where orange blossoms are seen as the traditional bridal flower and, therefore, symbolize purity (white, small and delicate). Traditional Middle Eastern cooking calls for orange flower water in both savory and sweet [dessert] foods.
    Orange blossom water is a favorite in Middle Eastern lamb recipes, and is a perfect accompaniment for fruit. Orange blossom water is used in French madeleines, in little Mexican wedding cakes, and in the U.S. recipes for orange scones and pound cakes, and in cocktails like the Ramos Gin Fizz.
    For a Victorian martini, add several drops Orange blossom water to gin and a hint of vermouth.
    Orange blossom water makes a delicious flavoring for custards, cakes and cookies, candies and other confections. It complements vanilla, almond, cream, lemon and other citrus flavors. Orange blossom water can also be a calming restorative when spritzed into the air. A little orange blossom water goes a long way, so add a few drop-fuls at a time to determine how much you like.