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Onion, Minced


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Dehydrated minced onion falls between chopped and granulated onion in size, pieces about 1/8-inch big. Use minced onion in any recipe that calls for just a touch of onion: dip, omelets, dressings, hamburgers, casseroles, etc. Rehydrate for 15-20 min in cold water and drain before adding to recipes. Retains taste and texture of onion.
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  • Onions are arguably our most important ingredient, the indispensable cornerstone of modern cooking around the world. Whole onions can be used as a vegetable, but when used as a spice, the onion brings out the flavor of our dishes without overpowering them.
    Raw onions have a sharp bouquet and can bring your eyes to tears; onions are pungent and bitter before cooking, and slightly sweet when cooked. Unlike many other spices, onions do best when added to your recipe early in the cooking process.
    Onions, the bulb of a type of lily, have been used as a food source for millennia, since at least the Bronze Age. Workers who built the Egyptian pyramids were likely fed radishes and onions.
    Our dehydrated onions spare you from raw-chopping tears, and are available in a range of textures/sizes to best suit your ingredient needs.