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Nothing Beats a Good Rub Pop-Up Gift Set


If you’re serious about BBQ, you know that nothing beats a good rub, and this box is packed full of four of our favorites AND a cool “Nothing Beats a Good Rub” apron to keep your duds clean and looking good!
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  • Our Butcher’s Blend Seasoning is sweet, salty, and smoky – perfect for grilling, adding to baked beans or potato salad, or as a seasoning for grilled or roasted veggies. You’ll pick up the flavors of smoked sea salt, smoked peppercorns, cumin, onion, and more in this rich blend.

    Iowa Pork BBQ Rub brings a bit of Memphis to Iowa. This blend is perfect for pork, but equally as good on chicken. This rub makes a great base for adding to as well. Try it with a little of our Espresso Rub for a bit of rich, coffee goodness.

    Our N. Y. Steak & Burger Seasoning is a perfect blend of salt, pepper, and spices to help you perfectly season your steak and burgers. Worcestershire powder, hickory smoke, and tamarind round out this blend, helping it pair perfectly with anything beef.

    Prime Rib Rub – it’s not just for prime rib! Loaded with the flavors of garlic, shallots, onion, rosemary, and bourbon, this rub is awesome in meatloaf, pot roast, and even prime rib!

    Before heading out to the grill, remember to put on your “Nothing Beats a Good Rub” apron!