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Mulling Spices


The flavor of the spices in our mulling spice blend brings out the flavors of your warm tea, cider, or wine. Mmmm. It is almost worth the weather getting cold and gray every fall, knowing that we have warm spiced drinks to look forward to again. Nothing warms the soul like a nice hot mulled cider on a cold winter evening.
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  • Use our mulling spice blend in your own homemade mulled wine. A traditional European winter favorite, mulled wine is [usually] red wine, combined with spices and typically served warm. Use 1/4 cup of mulling spice blend for every two bottles of wine. The Alsace French call this Glohwein [unappetizingly pronounced Gloo-wine]. Northern Italians call it vin brul? [burned wine] and make it sometimes with fruity non-grape wines like blueberry. Scandinavians call it Glogg [glooog], and sometimes make it with non-alcoholic fruit juice -- and then spike it with vodka, acquavit or brandy.
    Whatever variety of mulled drink you decide to try first, you'll find our mulling spice is perfectly blended with orange peel, cinnamon, star anise, allspice, and clove. Start with 1/4 cup for every gallon of cider or 2 bottles of wine, heat gently, sip and enjoy, preferably by the fire. Simmer cider, tea, or wine in a pot on the stove, or break out that giant coffee percolator you only ever use when you have a houseful. Take a thermos of warm, delicious mulled drink with you for cold kid soccer practices, or on bike rides, to extend the riding season a little farther into the fall.
    As with pickling spices or bouquet garni, you may want to put your mulling spices into a small bundle of cheesecloth, or a reusable muslin drawstring bag, to easily remove the fragrant spices from your punch.
    Ingredients: Orange peel, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, star anise