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Milan Bread Dipper


Starting From: $4.25

Art, fashion, finance and industry. Milan has it all and, similar to New York, has become a culinary hub as it’s attracted talented chefs from all over Europe – and the world. While new chefs introduce exciting and creative dishes to the region, traditional Milanese cuisine is food of comfort – risotto, ossobuco, polenta, and the like. Fresh homemade bread is also a staple in the region. Our Milan Bread Dipper celebrates the cuisine and flavors of the region – and bread – with wonderfully blended flavors of garlic, tomato and tarragon.
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  • Uses: For dipping bread, mix 3 tablespoons of the Milan Bread Dipper with a half cup of your favorite AllSpice olive oil. Adjust based on your tastes. We recommend combining the seasoning and olive oil about a half hour before serving it for the flavors to fully blend.

    Create a zesty salad dressing by combining 3 tablespoons of the Milan Bread Dipper with 2/3 cup olive oil, and 1/3 cup of a red wine vinegar. This dressing can also be used as a quick marinade for chicken, fish or pork. Marinate chicken and pork for 2-4 hours before cooking, and fish for 30 minutes before cooking.

    Contains: tomato, onion, garlic, black pepper, tarragon, basil