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Mesquite Barbecue Rub


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Our Mesquite Barbecue Rub is great on beef brisket, pork shoulder, roasts of all kinds, chicken, or turkey. Mesquite Barbecue Rub is ideal for meats that call for a long cooking time, or for a high-temperature roasting. Use as a dry rub, pressing a generous amount into each face of your meat before cooking, or whisk with beer, wine, coffee, or vegetable oil for a marinade.
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  • If you've ever been to Texas and sampled the local fare, there's a good chance that you have tried Texas-style barbecue. Texas BBQ is distinctive because of its smoky mesquite flavor, which we make available to you in our own Mesquite Barbecue Rub.
    Mesquite is a scrubby leguminous [vocabulary word of the day - meaning produces bean-pods] tree that is native to Mexico and the Southwestern US. The bean pods can be used to make flour, and its flowers [nestled among thorns up to 3 in long!] are a nectar source for bees. Traditionally, mesquite leaves made an infusion that was used as eye drops.
    Ranchers consider the mesquite tree a nuisance plant because it competes with rangeland grasses for scarce water resources. Mesquite plants can take advantage of water near the soil surface when rain falls, and uses its long taproot [up to 190 feet deep!] to stay watered during long dry spells.
    For the BBQ lover, mesquite is prized as firewood. Mesquite burns slowly and very hot, and its smoke adds a special flavor to food, giving Texas BBQ its distinctive taste. .
    Mesquite Barbecue Rub is also a tasty addition to vegetable stir-fry dishes, eggs, soups, and even ice cream.
    Ingredients: Sugar, salt, chile pepper, paprika, rice concentrate, garlic, onion, bell pepper, cayenne, mesquite smoke (maltodextrin, natural mesquite flavor, hydrated silicone dioxide)