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Mama's Homestyle Gift Box


I remember Mama — or maybe more accurately, I remember Mama’s cooking. Don’t you? Even more than her fancy feasts at Easter and Christmas (which, we admit, were awesome), we loved our Mama’s weeknight suppers. Our favorite of her dishes — chili, meatloaf, spaghetti, burgers, tacos, chicken — were so tried-and-true, she didn’t even have to follow a recipe. After work, she would “throw a few things together” and get a delicious dinner on the table in under an hour. We don’t know how she managed, but she somehow made it all seem effortless.
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  • While it would be impossible to exactly recreate your mom’s recipes*, we think our Mama’s Homestyle Box comes pretty close. These six special blends will make your weeknight meal prep a breeze.
    Chili Powder (medium-hot) is a uniquely American spice blend, first made popular here back in the 1890s.A rich, flavorful heat for chili, enchiladas, and many other Mexican and Southwestern dishes, our medium Chili Powder contains ground chiles, paprika, salt, spices, and garlic.
    Herbed Poultry Seasoning is an easy way transform a simple roasted chicken into a sumptuous main dish. Starting with a base of coriander and black pepper, the addition of thyme, marjoram and parsley creates a savory herb mix that works wonderfully with pork, fish, chicken, and turkey.
    Homestyle Meatloaf Seasoning For many of us, nothing says “comfort food” quite like good old-fashioned meatloaf. Salt, pepper, garlic and tomato in this spice blend give a nod to old-school meatloaf, but the tamarind, chiles, sumac and other ingredients will add a zesty punch to any ground beef recipe you can imagine.
    Italian Seasoning Blend will put you in mind of your favorite little Italian place, the one with the hearty marinara sauce and the buttery garlic bread. We're not talking about fancy Italian cuisine here; the kind of Italian cooking we're talking about is, like an old Billy Joel song, familiar, homey (just like Mom used to make?), simple. Memorable.
    Smoked Peppercorns are a simple improvement on an already simply wonderful spice. We take pecan and oak wood, and cold-smoke black peppercorns. The cold smoking lets the black pepper absorb the pungent flavors, but still preserve its natural black-peppery goodness. Smoky but not bitter, Smoked Black Pepper is a fine finishing pepper, whether it’s topping a burger from the grill, or scrambled eggs on the stove.
    Taco Seasoning Blend is just as easy to use as the foil packets from the "Mexican" aisle at the supermarket, but with more robust flavor. It’s our go-to ingredient for a quick weeknight taco supper. A wee bit spicy, our Taco Seasoning is not hot: blend of paprika, cayenne, onion and other spices.