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Italian Seasoning Blend


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Our Italian Seasoning Blend will put you in mind of your favorite little Italian place, the one with the hearty marinara sauce and the buttery garlic bread -- the neighborhood joint that is the standard to which all other Italian restaurants have to "measure up."
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  • We'll get a table near the street In our old familiar place. You and I - face to face - I'll meet you any time you want...In our Italian Restaurant. (Billy Joel)
    We're not talking about fancy Italian cuisine here; the kind of Italian cooking we're talking about is, like an old Billy Joel song, familiar, homey, not too fancy. Memorable.
    A balanced mix of oregano, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, basil, pepper, onion, and garlic, our Italian Seasoning Blend has received rave reviews. These are the traditional herbs and spices of the Italian kitchen, in one handy container. Sprinkle some Italian Seasoning Blend on take-and-bake pizza, on sub sandwiches [with a spritz of oil and vinegar], on a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs.
    A spoonful of Italian Seasoning Blend livens up your homemade vinegar and oil dressing, and it's perfect for homemade tomato sauce. Add to olive oil for dipping crusty bread, or toss with lightly buttered pasta or steamed vegetables. Use Italian Blend Seasoning to season fish, poultry, meat -- anywhere you want a taste of the Mediterranean.
    Ingredients: Oregano, garlic, basil, onion, pepper, marjoram, rosemary