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Guajillo Chile, Powder


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The Guajillo Chile originates from northern and central Mexico, and is one of the most commonly grown, and along with the Ancho Chile, the most commonly used, in Mexican cuisine. Meaning "little gourd," the Guajillo Chile is the red, dried form of the Mirasol pepper. The Guajillo is low in heat, but high in flavor.
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  • While Ancho Chiles are deep and rich in flavor, the Guajillo Chile is a little brighter: spicy and a bit tangy like a sharp cranberry. Smoky, complex, and rich, the Guajillo evokes a memory of summer tomato. Flavorful without being hot.
    If in doubt about what chile to use, try the Guajillo Chile first. Guajillo is great for use in salsas, sauces, soups, and stews. Incorporate guajillo into rubs, pastes and flavorings for meats [especially chicken]. Guajillo makes a frequent appearance in salsas for tamales, and crops up in dishes as diverse as potato salad and cinnamon fudge brownies! Guajillo chiles are also used to make Harissa, a hot chile paste mixture used in Tunisian cooking.