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Grill Master Pop-Up Box


Nothing says ‘relaxing weekend’ like the smell of barbecue wafting through the neighborhood. And this Pop-Up collection will ensure that wonderful smell is coming from your backyard!
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  • Smoked Bittersweet Paprika is an amazing addition to any dry rub. Its bittersweet quality comes from a type of pimento essential to Spanish and Hungarian cuisines. It has a warm, sweet bouquet and a distinctive reddish-brown color. Use our Toasted Onion Salt to add a rich finish to any dish, and as a ‘secret ingredient’ in your homemade spice blend or rub. It outshines basic salts with its toasty notes and a subtle hint of onion. Herbed Pepper is essential to achieving that classic smoked meat flavor with your home smoker. It’s a delicious blend of Italian herbs and coarse black pepper which is not only perfect for creating your own rubs and seasoning blends, but is a great, more flavorful substitute for standard black pepper – on the table or in any dish. Short on time? Use one of our popular seasoning blends to get ‘er done. Our popular Iowa Pork BBQ Rub is perfect for pork. Memphis-style barbecue is always pork, primarily ribs, and occasionally pulled pork for sandwiches. For perfect Memphis-style ribs, apply liberally to the meat and cook long and slow over low, steady heat. Or, make a paste with one of our olive oils for a fantastically flavorful pulled pork. Hickory Barbecue Blend is a mellow crowd-pleaser. Aromatic hickory smoke pairs with garlicky goodness to add delicious flavor to your next grilled dish. It’s great as a starter for your homemade barbecue sauce, and it’s a delicious addition to beef, chicken, pork, or fish. We even use it with a little olive oil on our grilled veggies! Looking for something out of the ‘ordinary’ barbecue menu? Jerk is a traditional Jamaican technique where meats are dry-rubbed or wet marinated with an exceptionally hot spice mixture. Whisk our Island Jerk Blend spicy blend into a little olive oil or citrus juice to make a wonderful marinade. Or use this blend as a dry rub. The robust flavors of hot chili pepper, allspice, and other traditional Jamaican spices will perk up your next BBQ. Our Harissa Olive Oil is perfect for marinating steaks or chops, and adds flavorful warmth when brushed over grilled poultry or fish. We like to toss our bratwurst in it just before putting them on the grill. Not grilling tonight? Add some to your chili or other sauces for an authentic North African twist. Last, but certainly not least is our Hickory Smoked Balsamic Vinegar. A balsamic in a grill box? Yes, please! This vinegar adds a smoky sweet flavor to your grilled meats and veggies. Use this on virtually anything going on your grill or smoker! It can even jazz up your next homemade barbecue sauce or in baked beans by adding a tasty, smokey flavor. Use the medium sized Bee’s Wrap to wrap up any of your tasty barbecue sides after dinner is served! (Bee’s Wrap should not be used directly on meats.)