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Grand Cru Cuvee Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375 ml (12 oz) bottle


Our Grand Cru Cuvee Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of oil from arbequina, picual, and frantoio olives. The combination produces a wonderfully fresh, zingy olive oil. This oil is between medium and robust intensity, with notes of green grass, nettle, woodiness, and black pepper, along with more subtle hints of green fruit. Good Eats: Vinaigrettes, marinades, bread dipping, general purpose cooking Perfect Pairs: Virtually every balsamic and wine vinegar.
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  • In winemaking, the term cuvee often refers to higher quality wines and wines blended from multiple grapes or other aged wines. And it’s no different in the world of olive oil.

    Our Grand Cru Cuvee Extra Virgin Olive oil differs from our single-varietal extra virgin olive oils as it comes from a blend of three different olives – arbequina, picual, and frantoio. The combination of oil from these quality olive varieties produces a delicious extra virgin olive oil you’ll surely enjoy.

    The Gran Cru Cuvee olive oil has a nice and fresh herbal and floral aroma. In flavor, it’s between medium and robust intensity and has fairly strong fruitiness and pungency. As you taste the oil, you’ll pick up notes of green olive fruit, well balanced by undertones of ripe fruit flavors, giving it roundness and depth. The flavors of this olive oil is delightfully complex - you’ll notice subtle hints of grass, artichoke, green apple and banana, with stronger notes of green tea, nettle, woodiness and black pepper. Its freshness and zing are quite pleasant.