Garlic Powder, Black


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Black Garlic is whole garlic, aged and fermented at high temperatures, yielding an altogether different kind of garlic taste. Black Garlic’s flavor is at once sweet and savory, smooth like caramel, but with a distinct garlic-meets-umami quality. Bon Appetit magazine says it’s “like umami fairy dust.”
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  • AllSpice’s Black Garlic Powder pairs well with red meat, making it a wonderful addition to any burger or steak. Try a little sprinkled over a mushroom stir fry, or mix into mayonnaise. Black Garlic Powder makes an ideal topping for focaccia and garlic bread.
    Use Black Garlic Powder wherever you might normally use garlic, where you want to add some special oomph extra richness, tangy and complex, with subtle earthy tones. Add Black Garlic Powder to spice and seasoning mixes; blend with salt for topping popcorn or potato chips.
    Black Garlic Powder is 100% powdered fermented garlic, and is a salt-free, gluten-free product.