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For The Fishes Pop-Up Box


Many accomplished cooks are hesitant to try their hand at cooking fish, but we think you’ll find it’s not that scary and is oh-so good. Our Seafood Pop-Up Box features a variety of staff favorites that will turn even the hardcore carnivore into a confident seafood cook.
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  • Brush the Eureka Lemon Fused Olive Oil onto any firm white fish and sprinkle the Lemon Pepper Blend on top for an extra citrusy punch. Or, try it with the Seared Salmon Seasoning, which blends the sweetness of brown sugar and orange zest with the exotic scents of coriander, anise, cumin, and fennel; we especially love seared salmon over fresh greens with a light vinaigrette.

    The Butter Infused Olive Oil lends a buttery undertone to any seafood dish. Use it with the Ancho-Honey Blend, which melds into a delightfully caramelized topping. We stress the EVERYTHING in in our Everything Bagel Seasoning, we love to coat our cod in a simple crust of this seasoning before baking or pan-frying.

    Try the French Seafood Seasoning as a salt-free alternative in crab cakes or your next seafood lasagna. Not just for low-country boils, the Georgia Coast Seafood Seasoning is also great with the buttery richness of shrimp; try it over pasta.

    This Pop-Up Box also includes a medium sized Bee’s Wrap … though we doubt there will be any leftovers from the things you create with this box!
    (Bee’s Wrap should not be used directly on meats.)