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De Arbol Chile, Powder


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Chile De Arbol is a favorite ingredient in Mexican cuisine because of its bold heat and subtle natural earthly flavor. This pepper registers an intense heat [50K - 65K Scoville Units], that is slightly less than that of its cousin, the cayenne pepper.
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  • The Chile De Arbol, meaning "treelike" chile, gets its name from the woody stem attached to its thin red pod. This is a moderate to quite hot pepper, popular in western Mexico. Sometimes it is also called pico de pajaro [bird beak], or cola de rata [rat tail]. Unlike many chiles, the Chile De Arbol maintains its bright red color after drying.
    A favorite ingredient in salsas, Chile De Arbol is also commonly added to soups and foods which its smoky accent would complement. The flavor of Chile de Arbol peppers is considered preferable to other chile peppers by many serious chili aficionados. Use Chile De Arbol in any dish that could benefit from extra heat: stir fry, chili, hot sauces and salsas, tacos.