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Chocolate Extract 2 fl. oz


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  • Chocolate extract brings the rich and smooth essence of chocolate flavor, without excessive sweetness. Our chocolate extract includes the "top notes" which are often lost in cocoa processing. Use chocolate extract in your recipes to replace these lost flavors, balancing the overall chocolate characteristics.
    The flavor of chocolate extract is a great companion taste to other dessert favorites, like vanilla, almonds, cinnamon, coffee, nuts, maple, cream and berries. Chocolate extract is ideal for cookies, cakes, muffins, scones, sweet breads, icings, custard, coffee and espresso drinks, and pudding.
    Note: 1 tbsp. Chocolate Extract combined with 1 tbsp. shortening will equal 1 oz. unsweetened chocolate.
    Home brewers: add a little chocolate extract to your bottling bucket in your next batch of porter or stout beer!
    Extracts, whether vanilla, lemon, almond or another flavor, are made by mixing a concentrated flavor with alcohol. The alcohol burns off during cooking or baking, leaving behind only the desired flavor in your cooking.