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Chipotle Chile, Brown Powder


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Chipotles are ripened, smoked jalapeno peppers. Brown Chipotle chile, also known as "Chipotle Meco," comes from slowly smoking red jalapenos for a long time, until they are light brown and extremely smoky. [
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  • [By contrast, Chipotle Morita, or blackberry chile, is smoked until the chiles are just barely dried out.] Chipotle Meco has a bigger "kick" and a stronger flavor, which is also more complex and rich.
    Chipotle meco has a medium heat and imbues a complex, smoky flavor to foods, and are an important spice in Mexican, Central American, and Southwestern cuisines. Taste the Chipotle Meco and discover that it has hints of grass and fruit underneath a rich, smoky flavor.
    Due to its longer smoking and drying process, the Chipotle Meco is larger and smokier than the more common morita variety, and holds up well to stronger flavors. Try it in your next batch of chili, and in rubs.