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Celery Salt


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Celery Salt is a flavored salt used as a food seasoning, made from ground celery seeds, mixed with salt.
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  • The Celery seed in Celery Salt has an aroma and taste that is more pronounced than that of fresh celery stalks. Celery seeds are penetrating, spicy, with hints of nutmeg, citrus and parsley. Celery seed has a strong celery flavor without the crunch or bulk of the vegetable, and gives off a faint hint of spiciness.
    Celery Salt is an ingredient of the perfect Bloody Mary and the Caesar cocktail. Celery salt is also commonly used to season the famous Chicago-style hot dog. Celery salt adds a nice bite to salads, tomato-based soups and stews, and is a delicious complement to pork roast. Just 1/2 tsp of celery salt can also be used to liven up a coleslaw dressing.
    Ingredients: Celery Seed, salt