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Caraway Seed, Whole


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Caraway seed is a warming, aromatic herb used in German, Austrian and Hungarian cooking, and enhances both savory and sweet dishes. Caraway seed has a pungent aroma and a distinctly sweet but tangy flavor.
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  • Caraway is native to Asia Minor [around modern-day Turkey], is a member of the parsley family, and is related to [but tastes distinct from] anise, fennel, cumin, licorice-root and coriander [cilantro]. Early Greeks used caraway seed to calm upset stomach, and used it to season foods that were hard to digest. Caraway has been cultivated in Europe since the Middle Ages.

    Caraway seed is also used to flavor sauerkraut, sausage, cheese, cabbage, and soups. Sauerkraut without caraway is merely cabbage. Use caraway as the seeds in British "seed cakes," and to lighten heavy dishes like pork roast. Add a little caraway toward the end of your cooking, to make full use of its distinctive taste.